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Haptic Sense of Virtual Environment 

Interact with your surroundings, objects, and people directly with your hands, just like in the real world

Internet of Things

wireless communication between your VR products. Thanks to the IOT feature, it can easily connect and collaborate with your TV, computer and VR glasses.


Virtual Reality

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Online Learning

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Touch Sense

How about touching and feeling virtual objects as they are in reality? With the touch sensitive feature, it is now possible to feel the weights, sizes, and forms of virtual objects.

Everything You Need


Battery life

Up to ... hours of battery life so you can enjoy your VR experience for longer.


Extra lightness

Due to the extra lightweight compared to its competitors, it does not make any weight in hand and provides convenience for long-term use.


Wireless use

For you to use your virtual hands as easily as your own hands. With this feature, it is compatible with all devices.


Ergonomic Design

With its ergonomic design, which is inspired by the human body and easily adapts to every hand, it does not cause any discomfort during use. You can put it on and off quickly, and forget that you are wearing gloves while wearing it.


Touch Virtual Objects

 virtual reality experience

Move your hands freely. Enjoy the virtual touch.

No cables, no problem


Applications Areas


PUYA Glove exists to make its users feel truly immersed in the game world.

The player literally takes part in the game by experiencing, touching and feeling everything that happens on the playground with all his senses.

Efficiency increases with the use of virtual reality in production.

With virtual reality job training, employees in production can be rehearsed for using the equipment they will use in the virtual environment.

It provides the opportunity to try the product designed in production companies before production. More realistic test simulation by feeling its form, textures, presence. Thus, the prototype process is accelerated and faster productions can be made.


With the touch sensitive feature of PUYA Glove;
Thanks to the virtual reality environments to be created in medical faculties, doctor candidates can gain practice in surgical subjects.

It can experience vital risky surgeries in more realistic simulations.


With the development of distance education technology, geographical boundaries in education systems have been removed. The student can take the education they want anywhere in the world, regardless of the place.

Virtual reality applications are far beyond traditional education methods with their structure that supports distance education.

The student will be able to put the complex topics into practice in the created virtual environment or interact directly with the objects.


What is Included

- A pair of “ PUYA Glove ” gloves
- Charger
- Carrying case

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