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We develop Biomechatronics

We create innovative devices that synchronize humans and robots, as a service for telerehabilitation, Enterprise XR-Training, and Aerospace Technologies

Our Story

Biuniq Teknoloji Ltd. was founded in 2019 in Istanbul- Turkey to develop devices based on Biomechatronic technology.

Our team known as Deep-tech and Med-tech startup that develops innovative solutions for telerehabilitation robots, assistive technologies, serious games, and VR/XR training. 

We welcome all businesses that tend to collaborate with us for developing biomechatronic technology. Our solutions have the potential to develop your medical, aerospace, XR, training, and entertainment solutions.

Please contact us for more information.


Our Solutions

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Rehabilitation & Ergotherapy

SINA is a portable rehabilitation robot for injured fingers for clinics and PUYA can make active and passive exercises for hand grip/grasp functions. 

Crane Operator

Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

XR training improves the quality of training of HSE protocols and reduce operational risks. Haptic sense enhanced PUYA GLOVE  and force feedback enhanced PUYA  robot can improve the exprince.

Video Game Designers

XR Contant Developers

XR developers can add the SDK to their content that may develop in a game engine or UI

Recording Science Class


PUYA GLOVE can improve the quality of education, especially in XR-based labs and educational experiments.

VR Driving

Enterprise HR Training

XR improves training quality. PUYA GLOVE gives haptic sense as a higher level of experience for training. PUYA has more advanced technology with force control capabilities.

Image by NASA

Space Technology

Thanks to PUYA new generation of Tele control and remote monitoring and enhancements can be applied to reduce the risks.

A person using VR wearable device


PUYA GLOVE adds haptic sense and PUYA gives even more than force feedback experiences into the metaverse.

Robotic Lab Assistant

Remote Operations

Tele control of robot arms can be achieved by PUYA, especially in hazardous environments.


and More ...

In order for our users to keep up with developing technologies and get maximum efficiency we are developing innovative solutions for telerehabilitation robots, gaming, and XR wearable technology markets

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