SINA, is a rehabilitation device that helps to open and close troubled hand fingers during the rehabilitation process. More than the ordinary CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) and CAM (Continuous Active Motion) devices, SINA can act as CPM and CAM in an asynchronous manner. In addition, the entire Rehabilitation program can be set and transferred to the device by the web interface. Therefore, the device can become home portable and remotely analyze the data, making the rehabilitation process of fingers more effective.

SINA detects the applied force and speed of the patient’s hand as a biomechanical hand rehabilitation device and provides movement control of the device. The device not only provides flexion/extension, but also the patient’s hand with the applied force. But here the movement gets support from the device to proceed in the standard state. In the mechanism of the project, two different motion sources for the joints of the fingers, the angles of the joints of the finger are in full control, and in the ergonomic position, it focuses all the muscles in order to make the flexion/extension movement properly.

In addition, rehabilitation of the thumb is possible with other fingers, whereas existing products cannot perform rehabilitation movements for the thumb.

Based on the IoT (Internet of Things) technology for the design of new generation portable and user-friendly biomechatronic rehabilitation devices.

The data on the device in the project will be recorded in a database and analyzed according to the clinical team. Therefore, the patient’s rehabilitation process is even remotely possible. This provides cost and time savings for both patients and health centers.