PUYA, is a multi-purpose hand exoskeleton, which connects the fingers and muscles to a virtual environment or robot. PUYA can sense and transmit physical responses both on user and avatar. It can be helpful to use in areas such as tele robot control, rehabilitation, military, education, simulation, VR and AR.

PUYA has built-in electromyography sensors that connect to arm muscles for detecting the finger positions. Also, it has an Internal Measurement Unit (IMU) to sense hand movement and orientation. PUYA can work as an active device controlled by software. So, the user can feel and touch the objects in VR by a remote robotic arm. Moreover, it can behave as a passive device that makes exoskeleton move freely according to the user’s fingers. PUYA can easily integrate with VR or AR environment. It was designed with 2 DoFs for the thumb finger and 3 DoFs for the other fingers actuated via direct-driven linear DC actuators. The EMG sensors with the IMU sensor supply hand orientation signals to synchronize the exoskeleton hand and avatar fingers. In addition, this exoskeleton system has also a novel force sensing mechanism to measure fingertip forces.