Wearable hand rehabilitation robot

It is a rehabilitation device that provides remote treatment, which helps to open and close the problematic hand fingers during the rehabilitation process. The entire rehabilitation program of the patient can be adjusted via the web interface, transferred to the device and analyzed remotely. Thus, the rehabilitation process of the fingers is made more effective.

Internet Of Things

Establish wireless communication between your VR products. Thanks to the IOT feature, it can easily connect and collaborate with your TV, computer and VR glasses


Thanks to its compatibility with Metaverse, you can perform your exercises in a virtual environment without the need for any additional products

Usage Modes

To expand the usage area of ​​PUYA and make the treatment more efficient and Two different modes, passive and active, are also designed to provide flexibility of use to the user

Remote Doctor Control

With its remote control feature, it offers 24/7 treatment regardless of place and time so that patients can spend the treatment process in the best way regardless of time and place

For a more efficient treatment and a more realistic experience, you can connect and use all your devices wirelessly over the internet

You can see the tools you use in the virtual environment and the exercises you do on your computer.

Thanks to the IOT connection with PUYA Glove, you will have a more efficient treatment process.

Don't worry you are safe with
passive mode

It can work as an active device controlled by software.
So the user can feel and touch objects in VR with a
robotic arm

You're in control with active mode

The device can act as a passive device that
allows the exoskeleton to move freely with
respect to the user's fingers

In the treatment process

Don't think about time and

During the examination, you can perform the exercises defined by your physical therapy doctor whenever and wherever you want, without the need for an additional product, using only PUYA.



So that the efficiency of your treatment with PUYA is not limited to places

It is extra light compared to its competitors for easy carrying with you and for long-term use