Biomecgatronics is the science for recognizing statics and motion of objects; Electrical engineering, which deals with electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, and the field of biology, which studies the world of living things, including plants, animals, and humans. The concept of biomechatronics can now be summed up in one sentence: the study of the principles of mechatronics in the biological sciences. Biomechatronics is an engineering discipline between biology, mechanics, electronics, control, neuroscience, and robotics. The main focus of biomechatronics engineers is research and design of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment. This course helps people who have a disability for any reason (congenital or accidental) to compensate for the tasks of those members or to improve their dysfunction.

Universities and global research centers have paid special attention to biomechatronics; Because it has great potential in the development of advanced medical equipment and critical care systems. Our products: “SINA” and “PUYA” are examples of biomechatronic devices.

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