The Biuniq Technology startup has been founded in 2019 based on IoT and hand rehabilitation robot which got entrepreneurship funding from the Turkish government to develop the prototype in ARI Teknopark in Istanbul Technical University incubation center. The Biuniq team works on technologies to make connections between human and avatars. We work on exoskeletons, rehabilitation devices and prosthetic. we have founded this startup open to growing technology, we tried to enrich our academic background in the mechatronics systems and practical experiences in different countries. We develop innovative solutions for the human-robot interface, rehabilitation robots, and assistive technologies.Our customers ranged from medical and rehabilitation centers to gamers and VR developers.Now, beside our research and developments and as a part of med-tech ecosystem, we plan to extend our activities in order to enter the Medtech market. Also, we are interested in communicating with investors and supports in this field.